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A word of love and caution for the holy days ahead

The Rev Dr Sparky has been awfully busy these days, what with dealing with an interim ministry in a congregation In Real Life. But she has not forgotten the virtual world, and wants to remind us all to tread gently as the holiday season approaches.

The veil gets thin around All Souls Day, and you are reminded that All Souls are in Secret Saved…

All Souls in Secret Saved

So be kind to each other.

We are all we have.

Rev Dr Sparky

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The pandemic SHUT DOWN all those churches, my friends. In the midst of a historic movement for justice for people of color, the worship hour was STILL the most segregated hour in America, and it looks like Jesus said, "That's it. Get out of my house." Just like he tossed the moneychangers out of the temple...

But those congregations who use their sojourn in the virtual church world as a time of repentance, deep anti-racism faith work to de-center whiteness and combat white supremacy, and realignment with Jesus, may survive and thrive.

As a white itinerant preacher of a certain age, I can take a small role in this great turning by reminding the congregations that there are no white people in the Bible.


Rev Dr Sparky

Rev Dr Sparky

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