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RevDrSparky on TikTok. Unplugged.

Because reasons.

Rev Dr Sparky
4 min readAug 22, 2022


I’m getting ready to come back on Medium, with twice the snark and triple the urgency, since I have now completed a breakneck year as an interim minister and am freed up to speak out to all you kids — we’re all children of God, so we’re all kids — about the great need for strong souls in the years soon to come.

But I’m now taking up a new role entirely. I’ve been Preacher (i.e., blogger), Pastor, and Priest. Now it’s time to level up to Prophet.

But for that, you need a platform — one that’s immediate, timely, and not necessarily linear and verbal. In other words, something not native to me.

Well, crap.

Some of the all-time prophets smeared themselves with dung, ate locusts, dressed in loin cloths made of itchy camel hides, and baptized people in the dirty waters of the ancient rivers. All I had to do was learn enough about another medium, namely TikTok, to post my pithy, hard-earned wisdom to an audience of nonbelievers, unbelievers, seekers, and others for whom church had become a toxic place they wished to avoid at all costs.

So I’m doing likewise: God help me, I’m posting my Divine Prophetic Wisdom on the venal and chaotic TikTok platform as, of course, RevDrSparky would.

My agenda on TikTok (behind a fart-zillion other people)

As I have said here, but only obliquely (because I still wanted readers), and in churches, but only gently (because I still wanted jobs), regardless of how hard the climate crisis hits civilization, it will hit, and it will hit the poor the hardest — already has, in fact.

And I’m posting messages that say, as kindly as I can, how frustrated I am with “Christians” who simply ignore this meta-crisis, divide the room over “what God intends” us to do about it, and yearn for new members from the generations following the baby boom but fail to explore or critique their own ways of worship, community, welcome, or outreach.

Maybe established congregations avoid dealing with the ongoing slow trauma of ecocrisis because it can just suck the life out of people, and then no one wants to have a pot luck.



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