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Thank You, Mr. Trump

You’ve done enough. You can go now.

Thank you for that one true statement that time

Thanks for restoring the God-given right of ignorant bigots to be ignorant bigots right out loud

Thanks for the patented White Person’s Racism Detector and Selfie Stick

Thank you for the civics lesson

Thank you for the lessons in psychology and marketing

Thank you for the biggest reality sandwich ever

“He can’t do that, can he?”

“Well, it looks like he just did!”

Mr. Trump, don’t get fired — make a deal!

Mr. Trump, call Joe Biden. Tell him you will resign TODAY and clear out by the end of the month — in exchange for a deal that protects you and your family.

“You can’t fire me — I quit!”

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Preaching courage in the face of absurdity. Editor of Real Life, Real/igion — join us for the newsletter Real/igion for the Rest of Us.

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