Not really a Jackson Pollock. photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

You Gotta Believe It To See It

Beauty, bytes, God—or all of the above


Nobody knows who first said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but I’d like to have a few words with them. They neglected some very serious issues.

Want to know why I said that? Take this simple quiz.

When you stand in front of a Jackson Pollock painting, what do you see?

a) A bunch of spilled paint
2) A work of art
iii) A crime scene

Get it? At least three wildly different, legitimate responses.

Now just swap out the Jackson Pollock painting for Reality Itself, i.e., infinity. You know — all THIS. The whole shebang. (Gesturing with barely controlled frustration here.)

Why would we not expect wildly different responses to Reality Itself? Because it is just as vivid as a Jackson Pollock painting.

We are living in different universes entirely

For some people, the universe they see, hanging on the wall here in the Gallery of Cosmic Art, is chaotic… unnerving… offering nothing but constant change and surprise, with NO One in charge:

photo by daniele levis pelusi on unsplash

For other people, reality is a just a set of rules waiting to be discovered, comprising patterns both seen and unseen in nature and science… in music and in math… in color and in light. For those people, Reality doesn’t need to have anyone in charge; divine forces are optional. Human consciousness is happy to interact with Reality as it is. “Just let me open up a spreadsheet here”:

image by gordon johnson on pixabay

Some people view Reality with faint suspicion; they understand the part they see well enough, but they’re pretty sure the rest of it’s a prank by a God Who is something of a prankster — having mysterious ways, they will be fond of saying. Those folks end up either rich, and cynical, and powerful…



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